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Beaman Ginger Cat Family

Geraldine - Mother
Geraldine Beaman is always beautifully dressed and manicured, no hair or whisker out of place! Good manners are everything to Geraldine, something she insists on at the dining table and in life itself!

Larry - Father
Larry Beaman is a chunky fellow who is a great asset to the Sylvanian Rugby Team and is also a little partial to the cakes served at the Blackcurrant Cafe!

Lucille - Sister
Lucille Beaman does not like to rush anything. She glides through life, taking time to watch and enjoy every moment. Her secret is to start early, so there is no rush to finish, be it dressing in the morning or doing her homework after school. Nice and easy does it!

Boris - Brother
Boris Beaman may be perceived to be a quiet boy, but his sparkly eyes and his cheeky smile give away his big personality.

Helly - Baby

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