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My favourite Sylvanians - shhhh... don't tell them I have favourites!

Over the last 13 and a half years I have collected over 700 Sylvanians and they are all so cute and special to me. The first families I received were the Kennelworth Dalmatians, the Keats Cream Cats and the Hawthorn Mice.

I've always wanted to have a Sylvanian with the same name as me. In April this year, I got the limited edition Darling Ducklings Baby Carriage. I couldn't believe it when I found out that the duckling with the pink bonnet is called Amy! I was so pleased to have such an adorable Sylvanian with the same name as me. Amy Darling instantly became my favourite Sylvanian (but don't tell them that I have favourites! I love them all equally). The Duck Family won the Sylvanian Families Election in 2020 so that was why the ducks were released again. I'd never had any ducks before and always wanted them so I was very excited anyway and even more so when I discovered one was called Amy!

Another favourite of mine is Serena Marguerite, another limited edition Sylvanian. I really love the cottagecore design of her dress with a yellow top and flowery skirt. She even has an adorable ear accessory. The Marguerite Rabbit Family were released for the Sylvanian Families 35th Anniversary. I have even made an Instagram account for her!

The Caramel dogs are also one of my favourite families, how could you not fall in love with their cute faces? Pictured below is Carlie Caramel and she is wearing the dress and accessories from the Yellow Dress & Accessory Box (exclusive to the Sylvanian Families online store). I think she looks so smart in her blue beret which contrasts nicely with her golden fur.

- Amy Darling & Carlie Caramel, (Serena Marguerite can also be seen in the background behind Carlie)

You can see the unboxings of the Sylvanians & sets mentioned in this post on my YouTube channel:

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