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Scenery for Sylvanians

In my Sylvanian Village, I've got scenery to make every area look unique and realistic. It's one of the things I'm asked about the most on my YouTube channel so I thought that I would write about it here. At the farm I have a field and a pond, at the beach I have the sea, sand and fences, at the campsite I have a rocky stream with miniature mushrooms, and in the winter woodland I have snowy trees, an ice rink and lots of snow!

I usually get my scenery online from:

From those sites I got the majority of my scenery, such as the grass, sand and granite scatter mats, lake film for the sea, pond and stream, and little flowers and plants.

For decorations and seasonal things, I usually go to Hobbycraft, they have some really great things for Christmas set ups. For Halloween, I usually go to a cheap/bargain shop because they usually have a variety of decorations that don't cost a lot of money so it's good for getting a few different things.

To make your village look more realistic, the easiest thing to do is to add a sky background which you can either buy, I got mine from New Modellers Shop and it just sticks to the wall, or you could paint one yourself. Also having a grass mat or other textured mats such as sand make it look more realistic. Then you can add trees and plants to build up your village. And that's it really, you can just have fun with it and set everything up how you like.

- Field and tree at the farm

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