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The Most Exciting Place in Sylvania!

If you listen carefully to hear the chatter of the Sylvanian babies, there's sure to be only one place they are talking about: Sylvanian Land, the amusement park made especially for the tiniest residents of the Sylvanian Village.

There's every ride you could ever imagine! There's a pirate ship that sways and crashes into the waves, go-karts that zoom around the park, a rocket ship that flies up to a shooting star, to name just a few! There's something for everybody. Be a princess for a day and have a ride in the Royal Carriage and climb up the steps to the top of the castle. Or if you are feeling brave you can look for ghosts in the Spooky Surprise House, it's rumoured that babies have met a friendly ghost there named Spookie!

There's a sweets cart in the park so expect to see babies that are even more excitable than usual dashing around the rides. Behind the ferris wheel, there's a secret door which leads to a table where the babies can take their snacks. But don't eat too many sweets or else you might feel sick when you are spinning round and round and round in the carousel!

When you arrive at Sylvanian Land you'll be greeted by the Guardian Bears at the gates, and once you enter the park the Midnight Cat Family, the owners of Sylvanian Land, will wave and welcome you. Joyful music played by the Baby Marching Band fills the park and puts a smile on everyone's faces.

The Amusement Park has a pastel theme with many of the rides being lemon yellow, baby blue, lilac and pink. It's a very colourful and cheerful place, especially as many of the babies wear adorable costumes when they visit, so expect to see mascots in fluffy bunny and chick costumes, and even ice cream costumes! You could also dress up for your favourite ride. Princes and princesses can be seen in the Royal Carriage, and pirates and mermaids in the pirate ship. You might even spot some ghosts in the haunted house!

Come and visit Sylvanian Land, it will be the most fun you've ever had!

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