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The Sylvanians' Big Day

In the Sylvanian Village, there is the most beautiful place to get married: Sky Blue Wedding Chapel. Its pastel blue tower touches the sky and a golden bell gently swings below, its ringing reverberating through the village to spread the happiness of the newly wedded couple to all the residents. In contrast to the loud but joyful tintinnabulation, the intricate stained glass windows glint in the sun sending glittering rays of Summer Sylvanian sunshine to glow around the happy couple like halos. The colourful shadows from the windows dance across the floor at the toes of the soon to be husband and wife and climb up the lace of the white gown, tickling it sky blue, emerald green and accessorising with pink petals. The subtle pastel colours create a relaxing ambiance that makes the chapel the perfect place for a Sylvanian couple's big day. The snow white benches are decorated with blooming bunches of pastel pink roses like miniatures of the bride's bouquet. In the corner sits an ornate organ with golden pipes that reach up towards the tower.

After the ceremony with Reverend Kelvin Waters, it's party time! The Wedding Marquee, equipped with speakers, a microphone and a stage awaits you. It's sure to be a fun night of entertainment, dancing and karaoke. The famous singer, Grace Cheshire, will provide entertainment for the evening, she even takes requests so don't forget to tell her your favourite song!

When the day is over you can leave in style in the Wedding Car. A banner across the back of the car announces "Just Married" and the cans and shoes joyfully jangle behind you as you head off on your honeymoon.

The Sylvanian Village has everything you need for a wonderful wedding day.

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