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Tips for growing a YouTube Channel

So far, I have had my channel for nearly 3 years and I have grown my following to nearly 2K subscribers. When I started, I had never had social media before so I've learnt lots along the way. Here are some tips and things I've learnt so that you can grow too!

- Keywords. Use keywords in your titles, descriptions and tags so that your videos will rank higher in search so that people can find your videos.

- Thumbnails. The first thing people will see when they find your video is the thumbnail so make it eye-catching so it stands out from the rest.

- Use other social media sites. Grow your following on other sites such as Instagram and then use your page to promote your channel. Remember to carry on posting interesting content on there too though so you aren't just promoting your channel so your followers stay interested.

- Upload consistently. You don't have to upload every day, you just need to upload consistently so your viewers know when to expect a new video. You can work out how much time you want to spend on your channel and then work out how often you want to upload. Make a schedule and stick to it and then you'll see your viewers coming back regularly for more videos. But of course you can take breaks and change your upload schedule when necessary, YouTube shouldn't feel like a chore, it should be fun!

- Shorts. Shorts are a great way to get more views and more subscribers. Shorts are videos that are filmed in portrait and under a minute long. They are quick and fun to make and can get you lots of views. When I first started making shorts I was a bit sceptical and unsure if it would help my channel but it actually really helped! My best short gained 72K views and 178 subscribers, whereas some of my other shorts get the average amount of views my videos get. I think sometimes it's just luck which videos blow up but it's definitely easier to get more views on shorts than normal videos. It's definitely worth trying!

I hope these tips help you grow your channel. Remember that when you put the effort in and try your best, you can achieve all your dreams! Good luck!

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1 Comment

Lily Olson
Lily Olson
Mar 01, 2023

Thank you for all the helpful tips! These are bound to help me with my channel! 😊 😁 💕

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