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Where I would live if I was a Sylvanian

The idyllic streets of the Sylvanian Village are filled with charming cottages known for their iconic red roofs. But not every house is the same. There are big houses, little houses, treehouses, and even a lighthouse. There's something for every taste in Sylvania.

A personal favourite of mine has to be the pastel pink palace that is the Deluxe Celebration Home. A massive 3-storey house with a total of 6 rooms, there's room for all the family. The pastel purple roof and baby pink walls add a subtle splash of cheery colour that creates a soothing haven for any Sylvanian. Rest your legs and take the lift all the way up to the 2nd floor where you can see views of all of Sylvania. Jade green shutters frame the windows and beautiful baskets of delicate daisies hang below them. There's even a cockerel weather vane - but don't worry, he won't wake you up early in the morning with a "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"

If you'd like picturesque countryside views, Field View Mill is the place for you. The gentle breeze whooshes the sails round, the trees sway as the leaves rustle, and all of this is accompanied with beautiful birdsong. Field View Mill is situated at the heart of Buttercup Farm, with views of the surrounding fields and pond, where peaceful paddling of canoes, ducklings' webbed-feet and the swan boat ride can be heard.

Another place that you can see for miles is from Old Oak Hollow Treehouse. This 4-storey house is the tallest building in the Sylvanian Village. You can see all the way from the Winter Woodland to the Seaside from the top floor. With a hot tub, water slide and koi pond, it's definitely one of the most fun places in the village.

If I was a Sylvanian, I would like to live at Buttercup Farm in Field View Mill. By day you can look down at the stunning scenery but by night you can look up at the stars from the observatory on the roof.

- Field View Mill

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