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My Sets

Shop Stalls & Job Sets

Furniture Sets

Village Shoe Shop
Village Juice Bar
Fruit Wagon
Beautician's Set
Village Gift Shop
Village Sweet Shop
Lollipop Man & Dinner Lady
Bus Driver & Conductor
PC Roberts & Police Box
Paramedic & Patient
Francesca the Fish Fryer & Sonny
Beekeeper & Beehive
Village Postman Set
Village Store Owners
The Toymaker's Set
Waitress Set
Nurse & Wheelchair
Country Dentist Set
Country Nurse Set
Wedding Photographer Set
Souvenir Gift Shop
Pizza Parlour Set
Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop
Ice Cream Van Driver & Seller
Doughnut Store
Popcorn Cart
Cosmetic Counter
Dressing Area Set
Bakery Shop Starter Set
Candy Wagon
Toy Wagon
Crepe Shop
Pony's Hair Stylist Set
Mr Webster - The Milkman & Accessories (TOMY)
Flower Cart

Village Flower Stall
Ballroom Set
Butler Set
Housekeeping Set
Ice Cream Cart
Farm Shop

Baby & Nursery Sets

Primrose Park
Garden Playground
Connor & Kerri's Pram Ride
Baby Teacup Ride
Baby Ferris Wheel
Baby-Go-Round Carousel
Baby Train
Flower Swing
Nursery Playground Swing Set
Baby Pushchair
Double Pushchair
Nursery Sandpit
Nursery Bathroom Set
Nursery Party Set
Primrose Crèche Figure Set
Nursery Figure Set
Nursery Friends
Carrycase Babies
Duo Carrycase
Adventure Treasure Ship
Splash & Play Whale
Baby Jungle Gym
Baby Car & Tricycle
Seaside Merry-Go-Round
Baby Ferris Wheel
Baby Choo Choo Train
Baby Airplane Ride
Baby Treehouse
Nursery Play Set
Nursery Playmates Set (JP)
Nursery Picnic Set
Baby Papooses
Baby Castle Playground
Baby Ropeway Park
Baby Hedgehog Hideout
Ochre Rabbit Baby with Train
Darling Ducklings' Baby Carriage
Baby Marching Band
Baby Trio (Banana)
Baby Trio (Mushroom)
Baby Trio (Hamburger)
Baby Trio (Mascot)
Baby Trio (Ninja)
Baby Trio (Trick or Treat)
Baby Trio (Princess Dresses & Prince Outfit)
Colourful Baby Unicorns
Baby Double See-Saw
Mouse Baby with Slide
Spooky Surprise House
Royal Princess Set
Triplets Care Set
Triplets Stroller
Baby Star Carousel
Gingerbread Playhouse
Baby Balloon Playhouse
Baby Windmill Park
Rain Friendship Set
Water Play Friendship Set
Sleepover Friendship Set
Going to Nursery Friendship Set
Castle Sandpit & Pool Set
Nice Swing Set
The New Arrival
The Dingle's New Arrival
The McFarlane's New Arrival
The Babblebrook's New Arrival
Raincoat Babies
Ice Cream Cuties
Costume Cuties (Bunny & Birdie)
Fairytale Friends
Veggie Babies
Baby Duo - Undersea Friends
Bug Buddies

Cottage Kitchen Set
Cottage Bedroom Set
Children's Bedroom Set x3
Children's Bedroom Set (Epoch)
Luxury Master Bedroom Set
Luxury Living Room Set
Guest Bedroom Set
Nightlight Nursery Set
Cosy Living Room Set
Rustic Kitchen Set
Children's Playtime Furniture
Fridge & Accessories
Let's Play Playpen
Dining Room Set
Kitchen Playset
Luxury Four Poster Bed
Nursery Room Set
Dressing Table
Luxury Brass Bed
Conservatory Living Room Set
Triple Bunk Bed
Sofa & Armchairs Set
Dining Table Set
Semi-Double Bed x2
Cabin Bed
Dining Room Furniture Set
Small Bathroom Set x2
Country Bathroom Set
Luxury Loo x2
Baby & Child Furniture Collection
Kitchen & Living Room Collection
Country Kitchen Set
Country Bedroom Set
Sleepy Time Bed
Luxury Toilet
Living Room Set
Baby Highchair
Cupboard with Oven
Washing Set
3 Piece Suite
Bedroom Furniture Set
Master Bedroom Set (Flair)
Kitchen Cookware Set
Deluxe Living Room Set
Family Table & Chairs x2
Kitchen Set (JP)
Farmhouse Accessories
Baby Furniture Collection
Children's Furniture Collection
Master Bedroom Set (Epoch)
Farmhouse Kitchen Set
Bedroom Furniture Set
Comfy Living Room Set
Kitchen Island Set
Laundry & Vacuum Cleaner Set
Ornate Table & Chairs
Home Interiors Set x2
Bedroom & Vanity Set
Microwave Cabinet
Wall Lamps & Curtains Set
Playful Starter Furniture Set
Baby Room Set
Kids Bedroom Set
Sheep Sister with Kitchen Set
Bathroom Set
Bath & Shower Set
Log Furniture Set
Living Room Set with Floral Cat Sister
Washing Mangle
Ceramic Tableware - Soup Set
Ornate Bookcase
Fridge with Bottles
Sewing Machine
Television & Magazine Rack
Wash Day Set
Baby Bath Set
Crib with Mobile
Grandmother at Home
Grandfather at Home
Mother at Home
Father at Home
Sister at Home
Brother at Home
Washing Machine Set
Liberty London Flowery Furnishings Set

Town Sets

Grand Piano Concert Set
Cute Couple Set
Light Up Street Lamp x2
Flower Gifts Playset
Floral Garden Set
Gourmet Kitchen Set
Violin Concert Set
Cello Concert Set
Tuxedo Cat Town Girl Fashion Play Set
Persian Cat Town Girl Fashion Play Set
Dress Up Set (Navy & Light Blue) x3
Dress Up Set (Blue & Green) x2
Dress Up Set (Light Blue & Yellow)
Dress Up Set (Lavender & Aqua)
Dress Up Set (Purple & Pink) x2
Fashion Play Set - Sugar Sweet Collection
Fashion Play Set - Jewels & Gems Collection
Fashion Play Set - Shoe Shop Collection
Handsome Brothers
Tea & Treats Set

Clothes & Accessories

Pyjamas for Baby
Pyjamas for Sister
Orange Dress for Sister
Red Dress for Sister
Yellow Dress for Sister
Girl's Santa Dress
Purple Dress for Older Sister
Accessory Set
Day Trip Accessory Set
Aqua Dress Box
Yellow Dress Box
Red Dress Box

School Sets

School Sports Day Cheerleaders
School Sports Day
School Play
School Nurse Set
School Pupils Set
School Toilets
School Lunch Set
School Packed Lunch Set (JP)
School Friends
School Music Set
Croquet Set & Scooter (School Accessories)


Food & Accessories Sets

Homemade Pancake Set
Scrumptious Sandwiches Set
Breakfast Set
Breakfast Playset
Tableware Set
Cake Decorating Set
Baking Treats - Rabbit
Baking Treats - Cat
Baking Treats - Squirrel
Baking Treats - Sheep

Seasonal & Occasion Sets

Wedding Celebration Set
Wedding Cake & Accessories
Wedding Couple (Dante)
Bride & Groom (Chocolate)
Baby Bride & Groom
Bridesmaids Set
Dinner Party Set
Sweets Party Set
Rose Garden Tea Party Set
Birthday Party
Children's Tea Party
Seaside Birthday Party
Party Time Playset - Tuxedo Cat Girl
Party Set
Easter Celebration Set
Hoppin' Easter Set
Halloween Set
Halloween Playhouse
Baby Trick or Treaters
Trick or Treat Parade
Father Christmas & Tree Set
Mr Lion's Winter Sleigh
Winter Carolers
Baby Sleigh Ride Set

Figure Sets

Angeles' Bedtime Set
Dressing Up Time
Peppermint's Dresser Box
Katie & Mazie Go Shopping
Around the World - USA/Spain
Around the World - UK/Brazil
Around the World - Russia/China
Kimono Figure Set
Seaside Treasure Set
Evie's Sleepover
Hazel & Rhianna's Day Out
Luxurious Dress Girl
Girl's Swimwear Set
Guardian Bear x2
Princess Dress Up Set
Pony Friends Set
Weekend Travel Set
Liberty London Flowery Couple Dress-Up Set


Sylvanian Families DVDs
Tote Bag
Playing Cards

Outside Sets

Farmyard Accessories
Garden Patio Set x2
Garden Shed Set
Garden Hammock
Patio Furniture Set
Garden Swing
Family Garden (JP)
Beaver's Hiking Set
BBQ & Camping Accessories
Cobblestone Plate x6
Toilet Tent
A Day at the Seaside
Garden Barbecue Set
Ingrid's Camping Set
Esme's Camping Set
Tent Set (JP)
Maypole & Dancers
Washing Day
BBQ Picnic Set - Elephant Girl
Sunny Picnic Set - Fennec Fox Sister & Baby
Vegetable Garden Set x2
Cherrie's Day at the Seaside
Telephone Box
Roof Rack with Picnic Set
Bench & Fountain
Seaside Camping Set
Garden Decoration Set x2
Beach Picnic
Family Barbecue Set
Hook a Duck Stall

Fan Club Gifts

2015 - Freya Chocolate
2016 - Freya Chocolate
2017 - Melinda Cakebread
2018 - Tiffany Golightly
2019 - Millie Maple
2020 - Katherine Marshmallow
Extra Cakes

Sports Sets

Sylvanian Games Gymnastics
Sylvanian Games Show Jumping
Sylvanian Games Athletics
Winter Sports Sets
Swimming Adventure Set
Beach Fun & Games
Ice Skating Duo
Ice Skating Friends
Ballerina Friends

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