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Bearbury Bear Family

Sylvanian Families Angeles Bearbury

Angeles - Sister

Angeles Bearbury is a pretty little girl. She has routines she adheres to rigidly from the moment she gets up till bedtime. At 7 o'clock on the dot she kisses everyone good night, then she cleans her teeth, and puts on a fresh pair of pyjamas and her slippers before climbing the stairs. She and her bear Teddy carefully select a book to read in bed, then snuggle up to sleep.​

From Angeles' Bedtime Set.

Sylvanian Families Owen Bearbury

Owen - Cousin

Owen Bearbury is an accident prone little bear, if he is not falling off his bike and scraping his knee, he has got his head stuck between the school railings, making him a regular patient for busy Thomas.

From the Paramedic & Patient Set.

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