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Beaufort Polar Bear Family

Sylvanian Families Beaufort Polar Bear Family
Sylvanian Families Vania Beaufort Polar Bear Mother
Sylvanian Families Sven Beaufort Polar Bear Father
Sylvanian Families Verity Beaufort Polar Bear Sister
Sylvanian Families Valentine Beaufort Polar Bear Brother
Sylvanian Families Victoria Beaufort with Swan Ride Carry Case
Sylvanian Families Violet Beaufort Polar Bear Aunt
Sylvanian Families Vincent Beaufort Polar Bear Uncle

Vania - Mother
Vania Beaufort makes her husband’s lollies and ice creams using only the very best ingredients so her ice creams are always deliciously creamy and her lollies delightfully fruity. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla seem to be the most popular flavours in Sylvania. Her favourite is glacier mint and has been ever since she was a small child.

Sven - Father
Sven Beaufort loves pushing his pink and blue ice cream cart all over Sylvania. That’s because everyone is always so delighted when he shows up. The moment the children hear the melodic chimes of ‘Greensleeves’ they all rush out to buy one of his lollies or ice cream cones. Sven always makes sure there is one each left for him and his children!

Verity - Sister
Verity Beaufort wants to be a famous figure skater just like her brother. She would love to be in the Winter Olympics and win a gold medal for Sylvania. She practises far more than Valentine, but she just can’t master a proper spin without getting dizzy and sometimes falling over.

Valentine - Brother

Valentine Beaufort might hate ice cream but he does love ice skating, and wants to be a famous ice skater when he is older. He goes to the Sylvanian ice rink every weekend with his sister Verity and they glide together around the ice pretending to be Torvill and Dean.

Victoria - Baby
Victoria is the twin sister of Victor. Victoria & Victor Beaufort are quite a handful. They are never where they are supposed to be and are always fighting. It is only pretend fighting though as they would be quite lost without each other!
Victoria came in a carry case with a swan cart. See the Carrycase Sets here.

Violet - Aunt

Vincent and Violet Beaufort sell the delicious ice creams and lollies that the other members of their extended family lovingly produce. Driving around Sylvania in their ice cream van or just taking a case of their wares to the village square or park, it is always service with a smile!

Vincent - Uncle
Vincent & Violet came with the Ice Cream Van Driver & Seller Set.

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