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Chantilly Cat Family

Maurice - Father
Maurice Chantilly is famous for his barbecue parties and marvellous hospitality. The food is always delicious and plentiful and Maurice loves to chat and tell funny stories.
From the Lollipop Man & Dinner Lady Set and Garden Barbecue Set.

Myriam - Mother
Myriam Chantilly, known to all her friends as Mims, is a new mother. The latest addition to the family is young Jacques, a bouncing baby boy and a real bundle of joy. Jacques' family has bought him lots of welcoming presents such as a beautiful new crib and a special outfit and feeding accessories. Mims, being very organised, has Jacques' daily routine planned to perfection giving her time to look look after the rest of the family and still have plenty of fun time with her new 'treasure'.​
Jacques - Baby
From The New Arrival Set.

Esme - Sister
From Esme's Camping Set.

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