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Golightly Silk Cat Family

Holly - Mother
Holly Golightly loves drinking herbal tea by the window. She likes lace and always wears a lace shawl she's knitted herself. There aren't many Sylvanians who are as good at lace knitting as Holly is, so she teaches the other mothers in Sylvanian Village all about how she does it.

Fred - Father
Fred Golightly has loved to dance ever since he was a little boy, and he's learned all kinds of dancing. He's especially good at ballroom dancing with his wife Holly. He's usually a quiet sort, but he comes alive when he gives dance lessons to the children of Sylvanian Village. Fred is also the chef of the Seaside Restaurant at the Sea Breeze Cape. He catches seafood himself and cooks delicious meals for his customers from his fresh catch. The plates in the restaurant have beautiful patterns that Fred painted himself.

Tiffany - Sister
Tiffany's Golightly dream is to be a fashion designer. Her sketchbook is full of her designs. She's too shy to show her sketches to people often, but she hopes that someday all her friends will wear the clothes she's designed.

Toby - Brother
Toby Golightly is kind and caring to everybody. If one of his friends is sad, he goes and cheers them up. At home, he performs the dances he's learned from his father Fred. Toby's little brothers and sisters love his dance shows.

Lulu - Older Sister
Lulu Golightly is the older sister from the Silk cat family – making her Tiffany and Toby’s big sister! Lulu works as a make-up artist in town. She runs the Cosmetic Beauty department at the Grand Department Store. Lulu is a stylish makeup artist. She works in the makeup shop at the department store. She thinks "If I make my customers look nice with my makeup, they'll feel happy and confident". Her work is like magic – she puts beautiful makeup on each customer in no time.

Gilly - Baby
Gilly Golightly loves shiny things. She has a collecting box full of treasures, like beads her mother gave her and beautiful stones she found at the beach. On sunny days, when the water of the river sparkles in the sun, Gilly could sit and look at it forever.

Ginni - Baby
Little Ginni Golightly just loves her swing! With its white frame and pink seat, this swing is just what every Sylvanian little ‘un has been dreaming about! Silk Cat Ginni spends every morning playing on her swing before settling down for a well deserved nap!
From Carrycase - Cat on Swing.

Jayne - Cousin
Christopher Tailbury and Jayne Golightly love ice skating and look forward to winter, a time when they can dust off their skates and take to the ice! With a jump and a swizzle this pair dazzle the crowds as they glide gracefully across the ice. Their favourite routine which always excites the crowd, ends dramatically with both of them stretched out laying on the ice.
From the Ice Skating Duo.

Ken - Uncle
Ken Golightly has been coaching Judy Darwin since she was a baby, when she was spotted in the park swinging from the monkey bars with such grace. Judy's favourite piece of apparatus is the balance beam – she is hoping to do so well on it that she comes home with a medal!

From the Sylvanian Games Gymnastics.

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