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Honey Bear Family

Tamsie - Mother
Tamsie Honeybear is a very good baker. She loves making cakes and puddings, especially if they have tasty fruits and berries in them.

Bertie - Father
Bertie Honeybear is a miller, living with his family in 'The Old Mill', on a hill overlooking the whole village. He is kept busy, supplying the Oakwood family with flour for their bakery, also he is so kind he gives bags of flour to his friends when they come to call!

Katy - Sister
Katy Honeybear loves collecting ingredients for her mother. Every day she fills a big basket with fruit and berries on her way home from school. She loves it when autumn arrives, as she can pick blackberries on the bramble bushes on the way up the hill.

Diggory - Brother
Diggory Honeybear always helps his father deliver the flour on Saturdays. He's getting very strong carrying all those heavy bags about!

Jeremy & Lucy - Twins
Twins Jeremy and Lucy Honeybear are known as the 'Terrible Twins', as they are always making a noise and being naughty, except when Honeysuckle Evergreen is looking after them, as they love to listen to her reading them stories.

Horace - Uncle
Horace Honey Bear loves his honey. When he was a little bear he wanted nothing more than to produce honey! So when he was old enough he set up business producing the honey for all of Sylvania.
From the Beekeeper & Beehive Set.

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