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The McFarlane's New Arrival

Nicholas McFarlane and his charming wife Elizabeth have a new arrival; a beautiful baby boy called Albie. This little sweet heart loves his food and squeals with joy when he’s sat in his baby highchair. He has a little routine he goes through once he is in his highchair, which starts with a drink from his cup and then he bangs his spoon on his plate. The noise of the spoon on the plate makes him giggle with joy until his food arrives and then the serious business of eating begins!

Elizabeth McFarlane works alongside her husband Nicholas in the pottery shop. She prefers to serve the customers than to make anything as she hates how dirty she gets. Her favourite item in her house, is a beautiful vase that Nicholas made for her on their wedding anniversary. She makes sure it is always on display with a lovely bunch of flowers in it.

Nicholas McFarlane runs the local pottery shop, specialising in home-made pots and vases. Everyday he sits at his potters wheel, making something stylish. His vases are very popular with the local villagers, and also the tourists to Sylvania. Sometimes, he allows St. John's School to do day trips to his shop where he allows the students to practice making their own vases and also teaches them the basics.

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