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Osborne Bear Family

Carol - Mother
Carol Osborne likes to read, especially cook books! Her favourite things to bake are fruit pies and chocolate chip cookies.

Also from the Doughnut Store.

Arthur - Father
Arthur Osborne is the teacher at Country Tree School.

Ava - Sister
Ava Osborne can be very shy at times and is happiest when outdoors tending the garden and admiring all the pretty flowers.

Also from the School Lunch Set.

Aidan - Brother
Aidan Osborne loves to play sports, especially football. But all that activity makes him very hungry and he can often be found tucking into a hamburger, his favourite food!

Also a Guardian Bear.

Jason - Baby
Jason Osborne never stops smiling, but he always saves his biggest smiles for his mummy!
From the Baby Choo Choo Train, Baby Fairytale Series, Nursery Playmates, Baby Trios (Mushroom, Mascot, Ninja, Trick or Treat), Baby Party Series.

Casey - Twin
Casey Osborne is always smiling and laughing. She likes playing outside in the garden while her older sister, Ava, tends the plants.

Bradley - Twin
Bradley Osborne likes playing games with his older brothers, Aidan & Jason. His other love in life are lollipops. His favourite flavour is strawberry.
Also from the Baby Treats Series.

Francesca - Aunt
Francesca Osborne is a very good fryer, her batter is crisp and golden as are her chips, which is why Sylvanians travel miles to buy their fish & chips supper from Francesca. She has lots of regular customers but none more regular than Sonny Barker.

From Francesca the Fish Fryer & Sonny.

Finley - Uncle
“Oh fresh fish and chips!” are the cries from the beach when the fish n' chip van pulls up, and then there’s even more squeals of delight when the customer realises that there’s mushy peas too! Finley Osborne has always owned the fish and chip van and love to serve the freshest fish in all of Sylvania.

From the Fish & Chips Van.

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