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Polaris Polar Bear Family

Barbara - Mother
Barbara Polaris loves cooking. Her delicious meals make everyone in the family very happy. She is fond of strawberry ice cream and eats it with her baby Beth, even during winter when it is warm and cosy inside.

Peter - Father
Peter Polaris loves the sea and always tells stories about faraway lands and seas. He loves to wear his favourite scarf that his daughter Julia knitted to keep him warm.

Julia - Sister
Julia Polaris is a gentle girl who loves knitting. She knits beautiful sweaters, gloves, and scarves for her friends and family. Her thoughtful presents make everybody feel warm both inside and outside.

Beth - Baby
Beth Polaris loves ice cream. Her dream is to become an ice cream shop owner. She treasures the vanilla white scarf her sister Julia knitted for her.

From the Ice Cream Cuties and Baby Shopping

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