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Timbertop Bear Family

Rose - Mother
Rose loves not only her own children, but all the children in Sylvania, which is why her house is always full of noisy youngsters having fun. There are so many in her house everyday, it's hard to tell which ones belong to her!

Taylor - Father
Taylor Timbertop is a great big softy who adores his children, showering them with hugs and kisses whenever he gets the chance. He is always ready to change a nappy or help with homework, not that he is very good at either.

Ivy - Older Sister
Ivy loves sewing and needlepoint. The first shirt she made was for her father; it was not one of her better creations! Taylor claims it's his favourite shirt and would never take it off, if Rose didn't insist on washing it!

Birch - Older Brother
Birch is a great explorer; he knows every path, trail, cave, hollow tree and inch of the Sylvanian woods. He is adding all this knowledge to the collection of maps and diagrams that he is busily creating.

Bud - Brother
Bud is very keen on all types of sport. Whether it's swimming, running, jumping, rugby or tennis. Bud is always the first in line. He spends every spare moment training for this or that sport, all in the hope that one day he'll win a race or game and therefore a silver cup, which he would give to his mother.

Burl - Baby
Burl takes after his oldest brother, Birch, in that if you let him loose in the house he goes off exploring. He's been found in every nook and cranny, including inside the broom cupboard and under the table. He was even once found inside the grandfather clock!
From the Primrose Crèche Figure Set.

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