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Waters Beaver Family

Nancy - Mother
Nancy Waters is a great gardener who grows the most beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables in the whole of Sylvania. She’s famous for her miniature roses and sweet peas.

Wade - Father
Wade Waters is the best house builder and carpenter in the Sylvanian woods. He can build you anything from a tree house to a large family home on the hills of Sylvania.

Misty - Sister
Misty Waters daydreams all the time. Her favourite daydream is of being a famous dancer. She imagines being the principal ballerina in Swan Lake or topping the bill in the theatre production of Cats.

Roger - Brother
Roger Waters is very friendly and sporty, making him so popular that he was voted head-boy of his school, a job he takes very seriously.

Bubble - Baby
Bubble Waters is so-called because her favourite game is blowing bubbles in the bath. The only problem is that she also likes blowing bubbles when eating her food and it goes all over the floor, much to the amusement of Misty and Roger who try not to laugh but can't help themselves!

Reverend Kelvin - Uncle
From the Wedding Celebration Set.

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