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Woolly Alpaca Family

Sylvanian Families Woolly Alpaca Family
Sylvanian Families Andre Woolly Alpaca Father
Sylvanian Families Ariana Woolly Alpaca Mother
Sylvanian Families Fiorella Woolly Alpaca Sister
Sylvanian Families Gabriel Woolly Alpaca Baby
Sylvanian Families Gabriel Woolly with Jack-in-a-box

Andre - Father
Andre Woolly is a keen knitter and loves nothing better than to pore over beautiful-coloured wool which he then spends the evening crafting into something warm and cosy. His second favourite love is music, especially calming sounds with a steady beat that he can knit along to!

Ariana - Mother
Ariana Woolly has the sweetest voice in all of Sylvania. She regularly practices her favourite carols so that she can serenade her neighbours when Christmas comes around. Ariana and her husband, Andre, are both very creative; Ariana prefers weaving and she’s known for the best handmade birthday and Christmas presents.

Fiorella - Sister
Fiorella Woolly takes after her parents; she has an imaginative personality and is always creating. She’s recently taken to embroidery and has been making special presents for all her friends. Fiorella is fairly laid-back and is one of the most popular girls in school.

Gabriel - Baby
Gabriel Woolly has the biggest, cutest of smiles and never fails to surprise his family.
Also from the Baby Party Series, with a jack-in-a-box.

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