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Ballroom Set

Designed especially for the Sylvanian Grand Hotel this Ballroom Set provides the perfect environment for your Sylvanians to enjoy a spot of light entertainment during their stay. Includes the Grand Hotel resident musical entertainers, Grace Cheshire & Kelly Bassett, along with grand piano & microphone. Grace & Kelly also perform concerts at the Ballet Theatre in the village too! Grace Cheshire is the resident lounge singer at the Grand Hotel. Her silky smooth singing voice captivates her audiences as she purrs the lyrics into the traditional-style microphone. Grace is married to Mr Cheshire, who is the butler at the Grand Hotel. Kelly Bassett is the Grand Hotel's resident musician. He can play guitar, saxaphone and accordian, but his favourite instrument is the piano. The Grand Hotel has a gorgeous full-sized concert grand, which he loves to play while his colleague, Grace, sings for the hotel guests. Kelly is married to Mrs Bassett, the hotel's housekeeper.

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