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Cheshire Cat Family

Mr Cheshire - Father
Mr Cheshire is the butler at the Grand Hotel in Sylvania. He is a very important person and leads the hotel staff with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail! Whether it be checking-in guests at the reception desk, showing them to their rooms, or serving afternoon tea, Mr Cheshire takes his responsibilities very seriously. He is the complete opposite of his wife, Grace, who is the Grand Hotel's resident lounge singer, and couldn't be more perky and excitable!
From the Butler Set.

Grace - Mother
Grace Cheshire is the resident lounge singer at the village hotel. Her silky smooth singing voice captivates her audiences as she purrs the lyrics into the traditional-style microphone. Grace is married to Mr Cheshire, who is the butler at the hotel.
From the Ballroom Set.

Gregory - Brother
From the School Play Set.

Constance - Sister
Constance Cheshire loves school and her teachers. Art is Constance’s favourite lesson, she particularly enjoys painting landscapes with water colours.
From the School Pupils Set.

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